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    Active Computer Systems S.A., was founded in 1995, with the main object of promoting and supporting IT systems in companies and organizations in the private and public sector. ACTIVE's entry into the Greek market has been particularly dynamic. From its very first steps, it has been warmly welcomed by the sectoral press, both for its flexible and innovative services, as well as for the quality and reliability of its products. These are the reasons which led ACTIVE to take a leading role in the field, in a relatively short period of time.

    Approaching 25 years of operation, ACTIVE is among the largest Greek technology companies, having established partnerships with the world's largest IT vendors. Companies such as HP Inc., DELL / EMC, HPE, LENOVO, KYOCERA, EPSON, MICROSOFT and CISCO rely on ACTIVE to promote and support their products and solutions. By combining high-end products and certified services, ACTIVE is a trusted IT advisor for every business. Over the recent years, ACTIVE has focused mainly on IT “as a service” and the implementation of integrated solutions in conjunction with technical support services.


    Following this background, ACTIVE addresses to every modern enterprise that aims to reduce the time of corporate processes combined with increasing productivity and reducing cost. The reliability and respect for its customers has made ACTIVE the most trusted IT company in the field. Therefore, it's reasonable to conclude that ACTIVE is a leader, with an ever-increasing market share.

    Today, ACTIVE Group has more than 120 employees and 5 subsidiaries that operates in the IT technology field.

  • Document Digitization

    Digitization of hardcopy saves significant management benefits



    Bulk scan of documents, books, drawings or manuscripts are converted to digital files by suitable scanners

    Data entry

    & Digitization

    File processing, quality optimization and OCR text recognition for easy future retrieval



    Save files in digital format for easy retrieval according to search criteria set by each organization


    Search & Recover

    Easy look up of digital files from cloud or on premises where they have been stored, immediate use or forward to the interested party

  • ICT Services

    The Service & Support department of ACTIVE is an official repair center of the tech houses


    national support in greece

    National Network

    (IMACD) Installation, Move, Add, Change, Disposal

    Through a national network of affiliates, ACTIVE has been able to offer services over the past few years across Greece, thus providing the opportunity, even in the most remote areas of the country, to receive timely support from trained engineers centrally controlled by the customer support center of ACTIVE. All ACTIVE engineers and associates are very often trained in new technologies and products and have access to a great online bibliography provided by ACTIVE. Indicatively, the covered areas are: Northern Greece, Central Greece, the North and South Aegean Islands, the Ionian Islands, Crete, the Peloponnese and Epirus

    IT support 24x7 agreements

    Maintenance Contracts

    IT Support

    ACTIVE, through a wide range of services, offers “Onsite Break & Fix” contracts or Agreements for Prepaid Hours which guarantee the customer the uninterrupted operation of the equipment and the continued presence of engineers. Service levels cover a wide range of services such as 24x7, Next Business Day or Remote support. ACTIVE's repair center runs daily from 08:00 to 21:00, while during the rest of the day, on holidays and on weekends, alert engineers are on hand for customer service.

    break and fix support center

    Repair Center

    Break & Fix

    ACTIVE's repair center in Athens is perhaps the only multivendor supporting HP, HPE, LENOVO, DELL, EPSON, SAMSUNG and KYOCERA. The service provided to the customers can be either on-site or at the service center if the customer wants to carry his equipment. The ACTIVE repair center is based in Neo Heraklio 15, Tsiklitira str., 141 21, and through our national network it is possible to service you in almost all the major cities of the country.

    secure erase for hard disk with blancco

    Secure Erasure & Diagnostics

    Smartphones, Laptops, Loose Drives, Servers and More

    Following the implementation of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ACTIVE collaborates with the leading company Blancco and provides secure data deletion services from hard drives, smart phones, tablets and any form of magnetic media in which information is stored. Upon completion of the deletion, a serial number is provided for successful and secure deletion, a document necessary for the internal procedures of each business applying GDPR policy.

  • Innovations and Technologies that build Smart Cities

    Design and Implementation Solutions of Smart & Sustainable Cities

    Smart Parking - Waste & Utility Management - Digital Applications

    ACTIVE, through a wide range of applications and equipment, designs and implements projects that upgrade the services that cities offer to their citizens. Automatic parking systems, monitoring and optimization of waste collection, digital services to citizens, timely public information and many other applications are implemented through a variety of available systems.

  • Partners

    We select the best technology houses to create a successful product portfolio

    lenovo business partner


    Platinum PC Partner

    Since 1999 ACTIVE has been certified by IBM as an Authorized Business Partner for the sale of Personal Systems & Servers. Following the takeover of IBM-PC Division by LENOVO, ACTIVE not only maintained its partnership with LENOVO TECHNOLOGY but is also its strategic partner for Greece. Today ACTIVE is one of LENOVO's key partners, recording sales growth and significant agreements with companies in public and private organizations. ACTIVE's collaboration with LENOVO includes a complete range of activities, from the sale of systems to the technical support of our certified engineers. For more than 15 years, ACTIVE is an authorized service center of LENOVO (Authorized Service Center).

    dell/emc partner in greece


    Platinum Partner

    ACTIVE is a Platinum Partner of Dell / EMC. This certification has strengthened its success both in sales and system expertise (Servers, Storage, Networking, PCs & Cloud solution). It is worth noting that DELL / EMC products and solutions are an important part of ACTIVE's product portfolio, and its engineers have been certified to design and implement computing & servers & storage solutions. Thanks to ACTIVE's direct agreement with DELL / EMC, it can also serve all DELL Global customers who have signed a special global agreement. In 2016 ACTIVE won the "Partner Award for Growth" award for DELL product sales performance.


    hewlett packard enteprise

    Hewlett Packard

    Silver Partner

    ACTIVE constitutes one of the most important partners of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Specifically, in the Enterprise Business sector, ACTIVE’s executives are constantly trained in state-of-the-art solutions of HP Enterprise which makes the company capable of offering high availability solutions in all areas of customer business. In addition, ACTIVE is an Authorized Service Provider of HP by holding plenty of certificates in planning & support of integrated solutions.


    keyocera in greece

    Kyocera Document Solutions

    Business Partner

    Since 2017, ACTIVE has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with KYOCERA DOCUMENT SOLUTIONS for its printing devices in Greece. Therefore, promotes KYOCERA’s products to a wide range of customers in private and public sector as it has extensive experience in printing machine management. As an exclusive reseller of Managed Document Services provides solutions to achieve a great working environment for users while reducing operating costs.


    Business Partner

    FORTINET is the leading manufacturer of network security products (Cyber Security) for both Hardware appliance (Firewall) and Software solutions, such as Antivirus or End Point protection. In 2020, FORTINET was ranked by the international company Gartner as a Leader in the WAN Edge Infrastructure. The solutions cover a wide range which includes network products Switches, Access Points, Firewalls, Cloud Security, SD Wan, Web & Video filtering etc. ACTIVE specializes in an extensive list of FORTINET products and solutions that offers a complete solution in planning, installation and configuration as well as software management through Managed Services.

    hp inc platinum partner

    HP Inc

    Power Services Partner

    ACTIVE has been a certified partner of HP Inc. for over 20 years. Since 2016, ACTIVE belongs to HP’s "Partner First Platinum" top level partners. That means that it has achieved the highest levels of expertise and experience in Printing & Computing technology. Especially in Greece, it is the leading partner of HP Inc., while it is ranked among the top European partners, with awards for both 2016 and 2018. More than 450 Managed Print Services solutions currently manages more than 14,000 printing machines in Greece and Cyprus. In addition, ACTIVE is an Authorized Service Provider of HP (Authorized Service Provider) with a great number of certificates in planning & support of integrated solutions.

    cisco networks


    Business Partner

    For more than 10 years, ACTIVE has been promoting CISCO products and solutions with great success. During this collaboration, ACTIVE has planned and implemented a range of CISCO facilities and products, such as IT Telephony, Routing, Switching, as well as large facilities such as Wireless Communication. ACTIVE engineers are certified as Certified Engineers. Thus, ACTIVE has the potential, to implement CISCO solutions as well as to plan them according to customer’s needs.


    Ringdale FollowMe

    Business Partner

    RINGDALE’s FollowMe solution, is a complete document and printing management solution, which helps organizations reduce printing costs up to 60%, while protecting their data and significantly reducing the time required to manage printing machines. Whichever equipment, printer or multifunction machine from any manufacturer a business has chosen, FollowMe software is compatible and works with the same high level security. Every year, BLI laboratory rates FollowMe with 5 stars for its document security.


    Authorized Distributor

    VERTIV offers infrastructure technologies and solutions adapted to fast-growing businesses to meet modern IT needs. VERTIV has reliable and efficient products that work together to ensure the seamless operation of any business infrastructure, ensuring that digital infrastructure works continuously and keep pace with the evolution of your business. The solutions focus on the following categories: Power Management, Thermal Management, IT & Edge Infrastructure Solutions. Under the umbrella of VERTIV are the companies: Avocent, Chloride, Geist, Liebert and Netsure.



    Authorized Reseller

    Check Point Software Technologies Ltd is a leading provider of cyber security solutions in global business, both public and private sector.

    Its solutions protect customers from 5th generation cyber-attacks, as the rate of "malware capture" and other types of attacks is very high. Check Point offers multi-layered security, total protection “Infinity” with Gen V advanced threat prevention, which protects cloud data, network and mobile devices in each business. It also provides a total security management system of each control point. It is worth noting that it protects over 100,000 organizations of all categories.


    Authorized Solution Provider
    Huawei is a global leading provider of information and communication infrastructure (ICT) and smart technology devices. It operates in more than 170 countries and regions, serving more than three billion people worldwide. Huawei's mission is to bring the digital world to every individual, with its products meet the needs of both a household and a demanding business. For this reason, it promotes connectivity and equal access to networks by setting up the foundations for an intelligent world, creating powerful digital platforms to help all industries and organizations become more flexible, efficient and dynamic.


    Authorized Reseller
    Epson offers complete solutions that cover all aspects of a business, from planning and implementation to maintenance and continuous support. We create strong and long term collaborations with the possibility of development, which cover every changing need and utilize the latest technologies. Strong relationships are important, as customers, employees and partners reflect Epson's brand. The support of our customers is one of our most important priorities, and that’s why we offer support that goes beyond the stage of purchasing products.


    Solution Partner
    For more than 50 years, AMD has been leading innovation in computer processors and related technologies for business and consumers markets. Rooted in an innovation-driven culture, AMD employees collaborate every day to maximize the potential of modern computing, utilizing semiconductor innovation to transform how people live, work, learn and play. ACTIVE, from 2017, is a partner of AMD in Greece and promotes products based on AMD technologies in public and private businesses.
  • Managed Services

    Discover the future of Managed Services

    Managed Print Services

    New way to print, new way to pay.

    Proper use of a business's printers allows not only accurate

    determination of the required operating costs, but also its reduction. Specifically, the

    integrated management system proposed by ACTIVE in partnership with HP Inc. makes

    feasible reduction of operating costs up to 30%

    Device as a Service (DaaS)

    Select the right action for each user

    Device as a Service offers smart, simplified computer solutions that

    keep pace with the needs of the season. You can boost employee productivity

    and the efficiency of IT with world-class computing solutions through the service

    HP Device as a Service (DaaS). Provide everything you need, from materials and accessories to

    services and support throughout the life of the devices, at a price per device.

  • Awards

    Recognition by our partners is a great reward for ACTIVE

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  • Success Stories

    The largest companies and organizations in Greece trust us

    Hellenic Ministry of Education Logo

    Hellenic Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs

    In 2018, ACTIVE successfully undertook and implemented 2 major projects for the Ministry of Education, which concerned the procurement of ICT equipment for the Hellenic Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs to address the needs of digital technology at all stages of the educational process. The implementation of all 2 projects in total includes the supply, installation and commissioning of the necessary equipment and software, consisting of 4,800 computers, 240 servers, 450 robotics, 235 projection and interactive systems and peripheral equipment.

    AB Vasilopoulos Logo

    ΑΒ Vasilopoulos


    ACTIVE manages more than 2000 printers and multifunction machines in over 300 stores across Greece. AB Vasilopoulos (a member of AHOLD) is an old food business and has been leading the field for more than 80 years. In 2019, ACTIVE completed the expansion of the project, which included the installation of A3 multi-media for posters in the group's shops.

    Angelicoussis Group Logo



    ACTIVE has implemented the Unified Network and Communications (UC & C) project, with special emphasis on security and infrastructure management & monitoring, in the new "smart" building of the Angelskassis Group headquarters. All the networking of the building was based on HP Enterorise Intelligent Edge - Aruba technologies, and new core switches were installed in the Data Center and HPE Blade Servers were upgraded to communicate with networked equipment at 160GbE (aggregated) and Storage infrastructure in 3PAR with SSD tiering. It is perhaps the only building that uses such speeds right now in Greece. The project was awarded the Golden Prize at the BITE Awards 2018 for the Enterprise Awards for Best Use / Exploitation of ICTs in the Infrastructure & Safety section of the Network & Communications category.

    T.A.I.PE.D AE Logo

    Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund S.A.​

    ACTIVE designed and implemented a solution on behalf of Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund, which concerned the smooth operation of the organization's IT systems in the event of a natural or other disaster "Disaster Recovery Site". In terms of Disaster Recovery, Microsoft's Cloud Azure platform is offered as a hosting / cloud service that combines high-quality and high-quality security with state-of-the-art equipment.

    Mytilinaios Group Logo

    Mytilineos Group / Metka


    Over 350 printing units throughout Greece are under the maintenance and management of ACTIVE for the Group of Mytilineos / METKA, a group that holds the leading position in the field of energy, metal constructions and gas distribution in Greece.

    OTE Logo

    Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation S.A.​

    Since 2008, ACTIVE for OTE (Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation S.A.) has made one of the largest Out Of Band Management projects in Europe, both for central NOCs and all of the Group's remote buildings. The project has been implemented and maintained up to date with VERTIV ACS Console Servers offering optimal performance, security and reliability while using DS View we have full and secure out of band management.

    Coca Cola Tria Epsilon

    Coca Cola


    One of the most trusted brands in the world trusts ACTIVE to manage and support its printing machines in 47 locations across Greece and in its subsidiary Laniti Bros in Cyprus. The solution chosen is based on the Follow Me platform and provides cost sharing opportunities among affiliates.

    Hellenic Petroleum Logo

    Hellenic Petroleum


    HELLENIC PETROLEUM (EL.PE.), a leader in energy developments with a wide range of activities in Greece, has trusted ACTIVE to manage more than 450 printers and multifunction machines at its headquarters in Maroussi and the Refineries of Elefsina, Aspropyrgos and Thessaloniki, as well as 400 printers that operate on the premises of EKO all over Greece.

    Maran Tankers Logo

    Maran Tankers

    The Angelcouissis Group is the world's largest maritime private-sector organization. Taking advantage of the Microsoft Hyper-V technology, ACTIVE took over and implemented a VDI project on the group's ships, creating a fault tolerant virtual computing system for users. The equipment used is DELL / EMC servers and Wyse thin clients.

    Αttiki Odos Logo

    Attiki Odos

    A total of 115 printing machines are installed and managed by ACTIVE at the company's headquarters in Paiania as well as at all toll stations at Attiki Odos AE, a company that manages the modern 70 km long motorway which is the backbone of the entire road network of Attica.

    hilton hotel logo

    Hilton Athens

    The Athens Hilton five-star luxury hotel of the internationally renowned chain has been relying over over 10 years for the management of its printing machines in ACTIVE. Due to the 24-hour operation of many hotel departments, special support is provided for their uninterrupted service.

    Viohalko Group

    Viohalko Group

    Viohalco, one of the leading metal processing companies in Europe, listed on the Euronext Brussels Stock Exchange and the Athens Stock Exchange, trusts ACTIVE to manage its printing fleet, consisting of approximately 300 machines, in all its facilities in Greece.

    The Mart Logo

    The Mart

    The Mart chain, one of the largest wholesalers, with 13 stores across Greece, has commissioned ACTIVE to install and manage more than 150 printing devices across Greece, as well as technical support for Servers.

    Kosmpocar Logo


    Kosmocar SA, the official importer and distributor of VW, AUDI, ŠKODA and DUCATI motorcycles in Greece, has commissioned ACTIVE from the beginning of 2018 to install and manage its printing machines, which includes more than 110 devices , at the headquarters of the company and its exhibitions.

    Bank of Greece Logo

    Bank of Greece

    The Bank of Greece, the central bank of the country founded in 1927, has entrusted ACTIVE with the management of 66 multifunction machines operating at its headquarters in Athens and its local offices in the major cities of Greece.

    Vouli Logo

    Hellenic Parliament

    Five years of Managed Print Services was launched in 2014 by ACTIVE on behalf of the Hellenic Parliament for the 22-24 Amalias building housing the Parliament and where in 2014 it hosted the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The project was based on HP Enterprise printing devices, while the solution includes managing prints through the FollowMe software.

    Eurobank Logo


    ACTIVE has supplied Eurobank with more than 2500 computers in the past two years. ACTIVE in co-operation with her sister company RENEW SA chose a range of high quality refurbished computers to meet the needs of the bank.

    Public Logo

    Public - Olympia group

    The largest chain of technology and entertainment stores in Greece, has trusted ACTIVE and has entrusted it with the management of all the printing fleets of both stores throughout Greece and those operating at the headquarters of the Olympia Group.

    gaslog logo


    The shipping company GasLog, which specializes in the transport of LNG and manages over 50 vessels, has commissioned ACTIVE to manage all its needs in printing machines both for its headquarters in Piraeus and for its office in London.

    Praktiker Logo


    At the beginning of 2019, ACTIVE implemented the project to replace PRAKTIKER's central storage. The implementation was done with HPE Nimble Storage HF20 Hybrid 42TB and HPE SN3000B 16Gb SAN switches. The choice of this solution was done by evaluating its advantages such as deduplication and real time compression across capacity, TCO per TB, performance as well as accompanying software (Snapshot, Replication, QoS, Encryption, Infosight). The project also included data migration and hands-on knowledge transfer services.

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